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2016 Kumdarak Saturday Cultural Schools
관리자 - 2017.03.20
조회 758
2016 NJP 꿈다락 토요문화학교
Published on
Kim Bora, Kim Sun Young, Jo Minhwa

Published by
Nam June Paik Art Center
2016 Kumdarak Saturday Cultural Schools

Program Overveiw
Lesson 1. Hello, Mr. Paik: With the Steps of NJP
A creative media workshop designed to appreciate the explore the works of Nam June Paik, extend and reinterpret their meanings and concepts in a contemporary way.

Lesson 2. Time Garden
Intensive appreciation of one of Paik’s major works, TV Garden, and creation of Time Garden by parents and kids together.

Lesson 3. Be a Teen NJP Docent
To be a teen docent to understand the works from a teeenager’s perspective, write a script in his or her own words and communicate with visitors.

Kumdarak Saturday Cultural Schools is an out-of-school arts & culture education program hosted by the Gyeonggi Province, and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Arts & Culture Education Service. It offers arts & culture education programs for children and youths every Saturday to establish a culture of leisure in which they can develop artistic and cultural knowledge and communicate with peers and family members.

  • I. Foreword
  • II. Prologue
  • III. Program Overview
  • IV. Program
    Lesson 1. Hello, Mr. Paik: With the Steps of NJP
    Lesson 2. Time Garden
    Lesson 3. Be a Teen NJP Docent
  • V. Postscript
  • VI. About Mediators
  • VII. Epilogue
ISBN 978-89-97128-31-0 (비매품)
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