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Nam June Paik on Stage
admin - April 22, 2015
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Sohyun Ahn
Nam June Paik Art Center
Nam June Paik on Stage
Nam June Paik was a media artist, who invented a new art medium, but above all, a great performance artist. For Paik, who extended his territory from music to visual art, performance was a place of freedom where he can meet audiences face to face, transcending traditional art genres. It was through performance that he showed radicalism of breaking the musical instrument and exposing body, as well as a philosophical reflection to search for the connection between humans and technologies.

sheds new light on Nam June Paik’s performance. This will provide an opportunity to see how Paik’s diverse works ranging from videos and other materials that recorded his performances, happenings on the street, to performances conducted to make a video have affected today’s video artists focusing on the body and movement.
  • Curatorial Statement – Sohyun Ahn (Curator of Nam June Paik Art Center)
  • Nam June Paik’s Performance
  • Hommage à John Cage
  • Étude for Pianoforte
  • Simple
  • Zen for Head
  • Étude Platonique
  • Zen for Walking/Violin with String (Dragging Violin in the Street)
  • Cutting My Arm
  • One for Violin Solo
  • Serenade for Alison
  • Fluxus Champion Contest
  • Young Penis Symphony
  • Robot Opera
  • Zen for Film
  • Variations on a theme by Saint Saëns
  • 26’1.1499” for String Player by John Cage
  • Opéra Sextronique
  • TV Bra for Living Sculpture
  • Participation TV
  • Concerto for TV Cello and Videotapes
  • TV Bed
  • Kassel Documenta 6 Satellites Live Telecast
  • MS Fluxussus Symphony No.7
  • Koyote III Concert
  • Seoul NYMax Performance
  • Nam June Paik’s Performance-Video
  • Hand and Face
  • Cinéma Metaphysique
  • Catherine Ikam, Paik Plays Piano Pieces
(ISBN 978-89-97128-16-7, 118 pages, 12,000)

Korea Open Government License
Korea Open Government License
Attribution (BY), Non-commercial (NC), No Derivative Works (ND)
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