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NJP Reader #5 Paik-Orwell Club : Warez Academy
admin - December 29, 2014
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Seong Eun Kim, Se-Hoon Ko, Namoo Kim, Jung-ho Suh, Ingo Günther, Masaki Fujihata, John Sanborn, Sarah Grochala, Michael Takeo Magruder, Paul Garrin, Sang Ae Park
Nam June Paik Art Center
Paik-Orwell Club: Warez Academy
NJP Reader #5, marking the 30th anniversary of Nam June Paik’s first satellite project, Good Morning Mr. Orwell, explores relations between technology and contemporary society from various perspectives. Annual international symposium series, Gift of Nam June Paik 7, presents series of lectures titled Paik-Orwell Club: Warez Academy, which is included in NJP Reader #5. Essays in NJP Reader #5 deal with: media and contemporary society, surveillance and technology, and 1984 of George Orwell and Nam June Paik. As with Suite 212 in NJP Reader #4, this issue contains a detailed analysis of four different editions of Paik’s videotape Good Morning Mr. Orwell.
  • Seong Eun Kim (Researcher, Leeum Samsung Museum of Art) ‘Cavalcade of Intellectuals’: On Temporal Conflation and Spatial Connectedness, and on Being Political
  • Se-Hoon Ko (Professor, School of Public Administration, Korea University) George Orwell, and Intellectual
  • Namoo Kim (Designer / Professor, School of Design, Hankyung National University) F1984Y2008: The Relationship between Privacy and Technology
  • Jung-ho Suh (Media Artist / Newsroom Art Director, YTN) 1984 after Nam June Paik
  • Ingo Günther (Media Artist) Globe, Global: Social Change and Media Art
  • Masaki Fujihata (Media Artist / Professor, Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of Arts) What is Media Art?: Concerning ‘Imperfect Reality’
  • John Sanborn (Creative Director / Video Artist) The Story is in the Telling
  • Sarah Grochala (Associate Artist with Headlong, UK) Life of Digital Double
  • Michael Takeo Magruder(Media Artist) PRISM: An Artistic Exploration of Personal Privacy in an Age of Mass Surveillance
  • Paul Garrin (Media Artist) Big Brother is in Your Pocket
  • Sang Ae Park(Archivist, Nam June Paik Art Center) Good Morning Mr. Orwell: Video Tape Analysis
(ISSN 2092-9315, 240pages)

Korea Open Government License
Korea Open Government License
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