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Tireless Refrain
admin - February 14, 2014
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끈질긴 후렴_표지
Sohyun Ahn
Nam June Paik Art Center
Tireless Refrain
This book is the catalogue of the exhibition (2012.2.7-6.16), that started from a question : what is the political nature of artists or what is the most artistic way of saying about a political situation? Even repeating or keeping actions seemingly imprudent and ineffective, artists are capable of producing sociopolitical meanings, just like a refrain which contributes to conveying subject without any description. This exhibition gathered the artists who just repeated something, but reveal critical points of view. Socio-political realities resurfaced through different type of repetitions by the participants: mixrice, Beom Kim, Melik Ohanian, Santiago Sierra, Soosung Lee, Ana Hušman, Francis Alÿs, Wan Lee, Sanghee Song, Nadia Kaabi-Linke. This book is including the images and the detailed descriptions of the exhibited works and the abstracted transcript of the Open Talks.
  • Foreword – Manu Park (Director of Nam June Paik Art Center)
  • Curatorial Statement – Sohyun Ahn (Curator of Nam June Paik Art Center)
  • Works
    • mixrice
    • Beom Kim
    • Melik Ohanian
    • Santiago Sierra
    • Soosung Lee
    • Ana Hušman
    • Francis Alÿs
    • Wan Lee
    • Sanghee Song
    • Nadia Kaabi-Linke
  • Open Talk
    • Artist in a World without Pity
    • Before the Art System
  • A Political Economy Shelf for Artist
  • Performance
  • Artists’ Biographies
(ISBN 978-89-97128-11-2 93600, 128 pages, 12,000)
Korea Open Government License
Korea Open Government License
Attribution (BY), Non-commercial (NC), No Derivative Works (ND)
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